Welcome to the Hope for Arabs ministries in Michigan website.  Hope for Arabs Ministries brings Christ’s message of love and redemption by reaching out to Middle Eastern people; training and partnering with local leaders and churches.  This message of hope, found throughout the Bible is indeed our ministry as we show the love of Christ by helping refugees in many ways.

Through these horrible circumstances currently happening in the Middle East, Arab refugees increase day after day right here in the U.S, these refugees are looking for hope!
It is our privilege to engage people with what God is doing through His Holy Spirit; redeeming people to Himself, people who might otherwise not have had the opportunity to know and respond to God’s great love.

Hope for Arabs is a non-denominational ministry in Michigan.  We invite you to partner with us to share this Hope with those who don’t yet know it.
It is my pleasure to share these words with you, I’d love to keep in touch with you today in serving the Lord and helping Middle Eastern people.


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