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Posted Tuesday April 12, 2016 by admin

pray-for-america-shevon-johnsonUSA, the land of freedom for all nations, especially for us from middle eastern, We love this country that wake up and back to Jesus Christ.
We have vision to see many church inside US, gathering together and prayer without ceasing. If America wake up will be bless for all nations.
Join us to pray for USA.

imagesMiddle Eastern Christians long to serve their Lord and be salt and light in their communities. Many of their societies face high levels of terrorism, the danger or reality of conflict, lack strong democracies, and are impaired by deep inequalities. Often believers are isolated or are a small minority in lands where religion dominates much of everyday life. Through prayer, we can stand together with them and seek God’s will for the region to be done in and through our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters.


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